ACTION:-India Annual Tax Refund Notification Alert 2013

   Dear Valued Taxpayer, If you receive email with   subject "ACTION:- India Annual Tax Refund Notification Alert 2013" or "ACTION REQUIRED: INDIA TAX REFUND ALERT:- APPLY URGENTLY" then don't be hurry to click the link given in mail and get your refund.

It's not authentic email address of Income tax department of india. it's phishing attack to your email address. Once you click on this link then it will open another webpage asking your bank account details with PASSWORD and personal information and it will be certainly used against your interest and you will be at huge loss.

Safeguard yourself : 
1. If you are expecting some response from income tax department then please go to the authentic website and check your refund or return status there. 
2. If you click on such link and provided your personal information, please change your internet banking password immediately and track your account very closely for next couple of months.

it's possible that you are already aware about phishing account but believe me there are thousands people who are innocent and does not know risk about internet banking.

Have you ever get cheated like this ? please share your views or experience with us.

Text of Fake Email for reference :
Dear Valued Taxpayer,

As Part of Our Duty this 2013,
We have reviewed your tax fiscal payment for previous years and have resolved that you are qualified for a refund settlement of the sum of 34,120.25 INR which is your accumulated tax excesses. Please submit a tax refund request and allow us to process it within 7(seven) working days. 

To submit a request CLICK HERE 

We appreciate taking the time to learn about our tax refund. It's one more way Income tax department can make your tax payment experience better. 
Endeavor to fill in your Information correctly,to enable us make refund to your account without any delay. 

Refund can be delayed for some reasons: 

  • Applying after deadline of notification.
  • Submitting incorrect account information.
Tax Refund Department
Department of revenue,
Ministry of finance, India.

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