Employee provident fund - EPF FAQ

1) What is the difference between EE and ER amount In EPF Balance Inquiry SMS?
EE : EmployeE contribution
ER : EmployeR contribution

2) Why EE and ER are different amount in EPF Balance Inquiry SMS?
Many people think EE and ER should be same because employer is contributing the same amount as employee. But employer contribution is divided into two parts 1) ER 2) EPS
Please read Employee Provident fund Contribution for more details.

3) Why my EPF account is dormant account?
If there is no fresh deposit for 3 years in EPF account then your account will be inactive/dormant and you will not get interest from that date.

4) While checking EPF balance online, it shows “Invalid Member_id / Data not updated against this account”.
There could be many reasons for this error.
 - You are not using the correct establishment code like KN/BN,BG/BGN
 - Your PF account is not managed by government EPFO but managed by your company privately.
 - Your PF account is in dormant status(Sometime it shows wrong balance for dormant account)

5)  Important EPF forms.
Form 19-To be submitted by a member to withdraw his Provident Fund dues on leaving service/retirement/termination.
Form 10c- For eps contribution claim
- Refund of Employer share.
- Withdrawl benefit
- Scheme certificate for retention of membership
Form 13 -You just have to fill form 13 to transfer your P.F amount  and submit in new company.It will transfer EE+ER+EPS amount.

6) Is EPF withdrawal amount is taxable ?
Yes, if your EPF account is not 5 years old and EPF amount will be added into your taxable income and will be taxed according to your tax slab.
Let’s assume you have EPF account since 1st JAN 2005 and there is no fresh investment from 1st JAN 2008 (because you left company). The EPF withdrawal amount will be taxable if you withdraw before 1st JAN 2010 but it will be non taxable if you withdraw after 2nd JAN 2010.

7) What are the eligibility rules to get employee pension scheme benefits?
Employee should complete membership of the employee pension scheme for 10 Years.
It means you should not withdraw EPS money for continuous 10 years and you should transfer money to next company whenever you change company.

8) How do I know your EPF withdrawal claim status?
Please follow http://www.epfindia.com/ClaimStatus_New.html to get status.

9) How do I know your EPF balance online?
Please read EPF Balance - Employees' Provident Fund Balance online for step by step process.

10) How do i register my grievance for EPF or EPFO?
Please go to http://epfigms.gov.in/ website and submit and track your EPF/EPFO grievance.